JAV: Description of the Initiative

The "Joint Audit Initiative - JAV" is a partnership under the civil code, with the purpose to provide the partners with audit reports on supplier qualification, free of charge. A few years ago,some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Germany made the decision to perform joint supplier audits. Saving resources on the part of the partners as well as on the part of the suppliers were the top priorities.

The initiative consists of three different parts "excipients and processing aids", "packaging materials" and "logistic services". Once a year, the joint audits are planned together and then performed by two of the partners.

Rules have been established for carrying out the audits. After receiving approval from the audited supplier, the audit documentation is made available to other partners. These make their own decision of accepting the audit documentation. In order to ensure a common interpretation of the guidelines applied during audits, the auditors of the partner companies meet regularly and share their experiences.

Participation in the initiative is based upon reciprocity and friendly cooperation. No charges are made for costs incurred for the audits.

According to the contract signed by the partners forming the "Joint Audit Initiative" the partners must treat all information gathered during the audits in confidence. The initiative is continuously being developed further. A steering committee has been established to supervise and shape the initiative. It is organized by a central administration.

Due to organisational changes and tailbacks of audits caused by the Corona pandemic admission of new partners is currently not possible.